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SMH210 and DMH220

SMH210 and DMH220 have exceptionally high quality transducers providing wide smooth frequency response and reducing ‘ear fatigue’.

Comfortable ear cushions have excellent external noise exclusion. The flexible headband is adjustable.

Noise-canceling microphone is mounted on a flexible, steel-reinforced boom, easily twisted into a preferred position.

The normal transducer configuration for use with Pro Intercom and compatible headset intercom systems is 400W earspeakers and a 200W dynamic microphone. Electret microphones and lower impedance earspeakers are also available.

SMH210 and DMH220 are fitted with a 4-pin female Neutrik® XLR plug. Different plugs may be installed at a reasonable cost.

Low initial cost (compared to other professional communications headsets of equivalent quality), combines with long working life and low cost of repairs to offer outstanding value.

200-series headsets are compatible with Clear-Com® and most other popular headset intercom systems.


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SMH310 and DMH320

SMH310 and DMH320 headsets are known as light, comfortable headsets equipped with high quality transducers for smooth response and pleasant listening.
Soft, textured muffs are removable and washable.
Adjustable to a wide range of sizes, and is both simple and sturdy.
Microphone is mounted on a thin flexible goose-neck boom that swivels at the ear cup and can be swung up out of the way. It can be adjusted to very close to the mouth for situations where quiet or discreteness are important.

These headsets represent an outstanding value, costing considerably less than any other major brand of full-sized communications headset.

The SMH310 and DMH320 are compatible with Clear-Com® as well as other lesser-known headset communications systems.

The standard 4-pin female XLR connector is included. Alternate connectors can be installed on request at a reasonable price.


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All lightweight headsets are more fragile than their full-sized counterparts, but the SMH710 is definitely not disposable. It is repairable and the muff is replaceable. The audio quality permits wearing it for long periods without the ‘ear fatigue’ that occurs when the audio is of poor quality. And the other people on the system will similarly not be annoyed, as the microphone on the SMH710 sounds as good as that on the SMH310. At 3.88oz (110g) the SMH710 challenges all comers for weight, performance and price. The SMH710 has a flexible boom which can be swung up into the vertical position and is fitted with a 4-pin female XLR connector and a foam ‘pop’ filter on the microphone.
The SMH710 may only be worn on the left ear.


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SMH910 and DMH920

The SMH910 is a natural evolution from the famously durable SMH210, and is manufactured by the same German company. Added features include a swing-up boom with a mic shut-off switch, larger and plusher muffs, and improved microphone and earspeaker. The SMH910 comes fitted with a genuine Neutrik® 4-pin female XLR. The SMH910 may be worn with the microphone on either side.

The DMH920 benefits from having two headband adjustment bellows, left and right, with internal ‘clutches’ on each side. In addition there is no exposed wiring joining the two earcups. The internal spring-metal headband can be carefully flexed more open to accommodate those who need a larger size. The DMH920 may be worn with the microphone on either side.


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The DMH9000 is not an intercom headset, but a broadcast version. It is equipped with a highly directional condenser microphone requiring DIN standard phantom voltage. That, in combination with its durability, lack of exposed wiring, and high noise-excluding ear muffs make it ideal for sports broadcasting and outdoor applications. It is fitted with standard broadcast connectors – a 3-pin male XLR for the microphone and a ¼” T/R/S phone plug for the earspeakers, both Neutrik.

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HH10A and HH10B

The HH10A consists of the handset with push-to-talk switch, equipped with a US-made coil cord and 4-pin XLR connector, and a wall-mount cradle with retaining spring-clip.

The HH10B consists of the same handset, coil cord and cradle, but the coil cord is wired to the cradle which contains a hook-switch to mute the earspeaker when the handset is “hung up”. A 10′ cable is wired to the HH10B cradle, with a 4-pin, Neutrik® XLR for connection to an intercom station. We recommend the HH10B for quiet environments where audio from the earspeaker (while the handset is in the cradle) would be a nuisance.

These heavy-duty handsets are equipped with dynamic transducers suitable for intercom use. To prevent feedback and permit high levels before feedback, the interior of the handset is partially filled with a dense mastic material, blocking internal acoustic coupling between the microphone and the earspeaker. A high-quality shielded coil cord is fitted with a Neutrik® XLR connector.

These handsets are molded from commercial telephone quality compounds. No other handset offered for intercom use provides greater resistance to physical damage. The cradle includes a spring-clip, which prevents the handset from being accidentally dislodged. The push-to-talk switch in the HH10A and the hook switch in the HH10B cradle are rated for millions of cycles.

Handsets are available in Black, and Red. All the metal mounting plates for the cradle are black.

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